S. Peggy Manoogian

indexTitle: President

Company: Hye Consulting

Location: San Diego, Calif.

Having prepared for her career in management consulting, S. Peggy Manoogian has garnered a plethora of experienced and skills that accumulate an additional breadth of leadership for her current position as president of Hye Consulting. She chose this current career path because it allows her to use all the experiences and skills she has learned as an organizer and manager throughout her professional endeavors. Ms. Manoogian is inspired by her desire to help other succeed.

Ms. Manoogian’s greatest strength is her integrity and ability to think outside the box. Throughout her years as a professional, her greatest accomplishment is the a culmination of so many goals and promotions she has accomplished within her career. Currently, Ms. Manoogian’s professional goal is to continue with the project she is working on.

Specifically, Ms. Manoogian most wants to be remembered as a person who looked for answers and solutions to problems for family, friends and even strangers. During her free-time, she supports the Freedom Foundation and enjoys traveling.

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