Rita Rosnick


Company: Nestle

Location: Fremont, Mich.

Celebrating 35 years in the quality assurance arena, Rite Rosnick continues in her sixth year as associate director of quality assurance at Nestle, the food and beverage manufacturer. There, she draws upon her expertise in microbiology to provide auditing for food safety and assuring the quality of all goods are managed appropriately. As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Rosnick feels her determination and mind set has contributed to her success.

The advice Ms. Rosnick can share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce is, “Stay positive and work through barriers.  Stay focus on your goals.” She prepared for her career by obtaining her degree in microbiology and certification in lead auditing for food safety. Ms. Rosnick does her best to eliminate road blocks for all her employees and company products, and would like to be remember as someone who tried hard to make a difference.

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