Suzanne Linde

BCSD-140x145Title: Instructional Assistant

Company: Berkeley County School DIstrict

Location: Goose Creek, S.C.

Attributing 16 years of success within the field of education to her passion for student care, Suzzane Linde continues to expand her professional horizons in her second year as instructional assistant at Berkeley County School District. There, she draws upon her expertise in special education to teach at the district’s elementary school to third- and fourth-grade students. Ms. Linde provides an unconditional love for her students and treats them all equally, drawing from what she learned while earning certificates in Early Childhood Development and High Risk School Age Children.

Ms. Linde’s current goal is to complete an associate degree in special education and intends to continue working with and educating herself on special needs student curriculum. Currently, she is taking additional classes as well for teaching credentials for South Carolina, to take administrative measures on the future of how special education programs are designed to designate children. Ms. Linde also found inspiration through her step father, who encouraged her to always go “All the way.”

During her free-time, Ms. Lindea supports the Seacoast Church in Summerville Food Pantry Helping families in need. To relax, she enjoys reading a good book.

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