Donna Lynn Bernero

2ae7338Title: Independent Distributor

Company: It Works!

Location: Falls Church, Va.

Utilizing her sophisticated moral and character values, Donna Lynn Bernero continues to thrive as an independent distributor for It Works!, a distribution company specializing in wellness and beauty products, including products for skin, body, and health. Notably, Ms. Bernero is also president and chief executive officer of DLB Properties, LLC., where she has conducted market research, secured properties, negotiated terms and performed other real estate-related administrative duties for the past 23 years. Due to her multi-faceted career, she has developed considerable skills in management, leadership, retail, merchandising, customer service, negotiation and sales, and applies them to her work as a distributor of organic health supplements as well as her position in the real estate industry.

Dedicated to professional advancement, Ms. Bernero earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing (with international focus), psychology and pre-law from Queens University of Charlotte in 2003. She became involved with It Works! through a natural progression of her presentation, sales and educational value standards. As an entrepreneurial-minded self-starter, Ms. Bernero also has experience working as an independent fashion consultant for Carol Anderson By Invitation. Impressively, she is able to combine her devoted work ethic, intuitive skills and aptitude in building interpersonal relationships to achieve success in all of her endeavors.

As she approaches professional growth, Ms. Bernero is driven by a brute determination to succeed. As a single mother, she has been committed towards being a positive role model for her daughter as well as providing her with financial support, and she is proud to see her daughter succeed in her own professional undertakings. In addition to her sales and real estate work, Ms. Bernero does volunteer work for Green Spring Gardens.

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