Rose M. Ayres

Nursing picTitle: Registered Nurse, Critical Care Registered Nurse

Company: Washington Adventist Hospital

Location: Upper Marlboro, Md.

As a healthcare worker, Rose Ayres feel it is a privilege to provide aid to her patients. She is currently a registered nurse and a critical care registered nurse for Washington Adventist Hospital, where she utilizes her strengths in care-taking and teaching others to provide the best possible support to those who need it. Considering herself a people person, Ms. Ayres has spoken several times on patient experience and how to deliver top-quality care. She advises women entering the workforce to put down their computers and not to be afraid of getting close to the people they’re working with.

Ms. Ayres chose this career at a young age, her interest sparked by a personal experience. Dedicated to pursuing her goals, she achieved an associate’s degree in nursing from her local community college along with a certification in critical care nursing. Due to her own commitment to patients and compassionate outlook, Ms. Ayres would like to see other nurses exhibit more compassion in the future. She looks forward to working several more years in her profession before retirement, and hopes to be remembered as a nurse who loved what she did and did an excellent job.

Passionate about her vocational area, Ms. Ayres belongs to her local chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and lends her support to Catholic Charities USA. She enjoys boating, spending time with family and reading when she isn’t at work, and some of her greatest personal accomplishments include raising four children and being married for more than 27 years. Along with her medical career, Ms. Ayres works with her husband as an authorized distributor for Matco Tools.

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