Kacey Vencill

information-technologyTitle: Business Owner

Company: Vencill Consulting

Location: Sacramento, Calif.

Interested in information technology from a young age, Kacey Vencill is happy to be able to help people through her technological skills. As current owner of Vencill Consulting, a family business that was passed down to her from her mother, she provides clients with crucial assistance in information technology and is responsible for communicating with clientele, developing the business to expand its services, and providing technological services on a regular basis. Highly-knowledgeable in her profession, Ms. Vencill’s areas of expertise include consulting, small business administration, entrepreneurship, marketing and branding.

Ms. Vencill prepared for her career by studying business management in an information technology track. Committed to her career, she also obtained a project management professional certification from the Project Management Institute in 2013. Ms. Vencill considers her greatest strengths to be her innovation in growing the business and her ability to solve her clients’ problems. Proud to have been able to implement an electronic health record system course to 28,000 beneficiaries, she plans to continue making achievements and hopes to expand to more providers and add project managers in the future.

Committed to making sure her clients’ medical records show up on time, Ms. Vencill is inspired by the knowledge that she is helping people through her work. She hopes to be remembered for making things better for others, and consults for nonprofit organizations when needed. In her free time, Ms. Vencill coaches her daughter’s soccer team and enjoys horseback riding.

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