Marieliz Garcia-Lopez de Victoria

3299b2bTitle: Chemical Application Adviser

Company: Flotek Industries, Inc.

Location: Sugar Land, Texas

Professionally-inspired by her love of science, Marieliz Garcia-Lopez de Victoria hones in on 14 years working as a chemical application adviser for Flotek Industries, Inc. “Science makes everything a possibility,” she says, explaining that she is fueled by curiosity and never does the same thing twice. Providing her company with quick learning, an open mind and overall technical support, Ms. Garcia-Lopez de Victoria fosters a positive work environment by focusing on what she has in common with her co-workers, undeterred by working in a male-dominated industry.

Ms. Garcia-Lopez de Victoria decided to be a scientist in high school, eventually earning a master’s degree in theoretical physical chemistry from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico. Well-versed in her core disciplines, she has significant prior experience working for BHP Billiton Petroleum, Kinder Morgan and Schlumberger in chemical and support engineering roles. Ultimately, Ms. Garcia-Lopez de Victoria hopes to continue moving up the corporate ladder to a line management position.

In terms of accomplishments, Ms. Garcia-Lopez de Victoria is proud to be able to explore new ideals, receive recognition for her patents, and be a mother. Highly invested in her profession, she is a member of the American Chemical Association and the Society of Petroleum Engineering, as well as a judge at the International Science and Engineers Fair. When she isn’t working, Ms. Garcia-Lopez de Victoria enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading manga and watching anime. She plans on taking a trip to Japan with her daughter one day.

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