Linda E. Johnson

8d2b15aec78186be554d6938305cd43dTitle: Program Manager

Company: KSJ and Associates, Inc.

Location: Fairfax, Va.

Linda Johnson initially became involved with information technology because of the portable nature of the career. Though she originally pursued a career in speech pathology and audiology, being married to a military man influenced her to find a career she could bring with her to different locations. Now celebrating five years of experience as program manager for technical support company KSJ and Associates, Inc., Ms. Johnson feels that her occupation is innovative, fun, constantly changing and mentally stimulating. She is also happy for the opportunities she receives to further support the military.

Professionally, Ms. Johnson feels her greatest strength is her empathy. Having empathy for others persistently enables her to be a good leader and manager, allowing her to be firm but fair (as she has been described upon team assessment). Ambitious in her endeavors, Ms. Johnson nurtured her occupational skills through her education, earning a Bachelor of Science in speech pathology with a minor in audiology from Hampton University in 1978. Drawing upon a 26-year subsequent career, she has successfully bested the challenge of earning respect and credibility in a male-dominated industry. Ms. Johnson wishes for improved communication within her profession, believing that this would improve company productivity and provide a better return on investment for its shareholders.

Ms. Johnson is continually inspired by her parents, who impacted her tremendously through their giving nature. When her father became terminally ill, her mother’s care was instrumental in him living as long as he did, and she hopes to one day be able to experience a similar type of loyalty and devotion to that shown by her parents. Devoted to her family, Ms. Johnson takes pride in having raised two educated and productive members of society and considers her children to be her greatest personal accomplishments. Following in her ambitious footsteps, her son has pursued work in public service and her daughter works in the commercial sector. Ms. Jonson hopes to be remembered for being the “best mother in the world.”

Upon retirement from this profession, Ms. Johnson wishes to pursue a career in event planning or catering. Along with her family legacy, she hopes to be remembered for being kind, showing generosity and treating people fairly. Her compassion exhibits itself in her support of the Fairfax County Foster Care Association and Greater Little Zion Baptist Church. When she isn’t working, Ms. Johnson enjoys exercising and reading.

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