Eugenia M. Vecchio

77cb63dbd73e4ab2aebdc526bb90876cTitle: Attorney

Company: Eugenia M Vecchio & Associates

Location: Harrison, N.Y.

Honing in on 30 years of career experience and 28 years as an attorney for her own firm, Eugenia Vecchio continues to bring expertise in estate planning, financial planning, tax law, will programs and other specialty areas to the legal field. Through Eugenia M Vecchio & Associates, she focuses on the estates of individuals who have attained high net worth, working with closely-held business owners as well as millionaires. Ms. Vecchio accredits her success in this field to hard work and loving what she does, and is proud to be a role model for her children, considering it the highlight of her career. 

Ms. Vecchio was inspired to pursue her profession when she saw how people took advantage of her grandfather through his lumber business. She promised herself at a young age to do something to help him and business-owners like him, and she went on to earn a Juris Doctor from the New England School of Law in 1985. Ms. Vecchio also earned a Bachelor of Arts from Mercy College, pursued coursework at both the University of Oxford and Universitas Internationalis Coluccio Salutati in Italy, and achieved certification in financial planning from the Lubin Graduate Center at Pace University. Highly qualified and experienced in her field, she is renowned for having what was at one point an all-female practice, through which she allowed her associates flex schedules so they could adequately balance work and family life.

Ms. Vecchio’s excellence in her work has been acknowledged through various awards, including the Martindale Hubbell Client Distinction Award, the Five Star Award in top wealth managers and attorneys in Westchester County from Westchester Magazine, a nomination for Top 100 Lawyers from Worth magazine and a nomination for the Business Hall of Fame through the Business Council of Westchester. She is a member of the New York State Bar Association, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals Bar, the American Bar Association, the Westchester County Bar and numerous other legal organizations. Due to her legal expertise, Ms. Vecchio has been asked to speak before such organizations as HSBC Bank, Citibank Investment Services Corporation and Merrill Lynch, among others. Looking ahead, she plans on practicing for many continued years.

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