Beverly Aplikowski

parkoffice-web-rndTitle: Chief Executive Officer, President

Company: Lakeside Homes, Inc.

Location: Arden Hills, Minn.

Beverly Aplikowski helped to found Lakeside Homes Inc. in 1962 and has since garnered nearly 54 years of experience in her field. Now owner and chief executive officer for the company, she currently brings to the housing industry honesty, willingness to work, compassion and strong work ethics. A family business from its start, Lakeside Homes Inc. provides clients with affordable and high-quality homes in a clean and safe Minnesota community.

Considering her business a labor of love, Ms. Aplikowski prepared for a successful livelihood through training, learning and hands-on experience in the field. She was inspired in her professional endeavors by her father, who always spoke to her as a person rather than a child and taught her that one voice can make a difference in the world. Ms. Aplikowski hopes to pass her business onto her children one day and is proud of her six children and twenty grandchildren, considering them to be her greatest accomplishments. She advises other professionals to be true to themselves and to pursue more education if they feel drawn to it.

Ms. Aplikowski remains informed of industry advancements through her membership with the Minnesota Manufactured Housing Industry. She is also a member of Council of Catholic Women, a chair for Congressional District Republicans and the former mayor of the City of Arden Hills. Passionate about helping others, she volunteers at the finance council at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and at the Human Life Alliance. When she isn’t working, Ms. Aplikowski enjoys plays, reading, public speaking and spending time with her family.

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