Katy Marier

DSC01384Title: Executive Director

Company: Alpha en Partage

Location: St. Charles, Ontario

Through her work as executive director for Alpha en Partage, Katy Marier provides educational services to adult learners who never had the opportunity to obtain their grade 12 diploma or wish to generally improve their academic skills. Founded in 1998, the agency provides high-quality programs that take into account the educational objectives and personal achievements of their clients, aiming to foster in them independence and employability. With professional experience spanning 21 years, Ms. Marier has contributed to the company in numerous valuable ways, including building the client database and developing partnerships.

After gaining this position, Ms. Marier took some time off to pursue relevant higher education to further supplement her professional skills. After earning a degree in human resources and accounting, she returned to the field, committed to helping those who need educational services. Citing her business’s success as her greatest accomplishment, Ms. Marier has taken abundant steps to enhance her company and make it flourish, including bringing in a bilingual center.

Hoping to support professional growth in younger generations, Ms. Marier advises younger women entering the nonprofit industry to have confidence in themselves and a mindset of abundance. She believes abundance encourages happiness at the success of others, which is an important attribute in her field. Ms. Marier also promotes enthusiasm and creativity, having succeeded in her career due to her positive attitude, vision and dedication.

Looking forward, Ms. Marier hopes to continue to help her clients grow as learners and succeed in the professional sphere. As a mother of two, she has faced challenges in juggling family, work and education, but feels it to be ultimately worth it because of her occupational accomplishments and the first-rate programs she has developed. Ms. Marier aspires to be remembered for putting together a successful program for her clients and making a difference in her community, hoping to one day leave her work to peers with a similar passion for positive change.

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