Darlene Haist

1939962_763152247061428_3846513999277125189_n-140x150Title: Sales Leader

Company: Norwex

Location: Ridgeville, Ontario

Early in life, Darlene Haist was taught by her parents to persistently pursue her goals. This wisdom continues to influence her as she celebrates five years of career experience and a year as sales leader for Norwex, an environmental services and awareness corporation. Ms. Haist chose this career path because she wanted to create a safer, healthier and chemical-free home environment for her family.

When given the opportunity to bring her abilities to Norwex, Ms. Haist saw an opportunity to do something she believed in. Through marketing a line of safe cleaning products, she is dedicated to furthering Norwex’s vision of reducing dangerous chemicals and improving quality of life. Ms. Haist prepared for a successful sales career in this specialized area by attending relevant seminars and educating herself about safer home-cleaning products. Professionally, her greatest strength is in educating people about alternative solutions to dangerous products.

Ms. Haist is inspired the most by her daughter, and she ultimately hopes to make a better world for her family. As she grows in her career, she hopes to be remembered for her efforts in helping to clean up the environment. Sympathetic to the struggles of others, Ms. Haist also supports lymphoma fundraising.

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