Kathy Parsons

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQpAAAAJDg3NzgwZmVjLTY0YmMtNGRmYi04MjZjLWNkNjdjMjY2ZDYyNwTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Maven Construction & Environmental LLC

Location: Odon, Ind.

As chief executive officer for Maven Construction & Environmental LLC, Kathy Parsons responsibly leads corporate decision-making for business development and growth initiatives. Maven Construction & Environmental LLC provides clientele with ground-up construction and environmental development services, relying on Ms. Parson for program management, resource allocation, procurement oversight, information technology organization and other executive duties. A team leader in heart and mind, she succeeds in her work by utilizing her well-balanced perspective and company-wide dedication.

Ms. Parsons prepared for her career by earning a business development program certification from the U.S. Small Business Administration as well as a women’s business enterprise certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Society. Devoted to company growth, she attributes her team’s success to long-term dedication, commitment to her organizational goals and group effort. Ms. Parsons encourages young professionals to be persistent in their goals, not losing sight of the big picture or forgetting their mentors.

Drawing upon an overall career of 30 years, Ms. Parsons had led several successful construction projects and provided countless services through Maven Construction & Environmental LLC. Notably, she led Maven’s renovation design for its Jacksonville headquarters in 2014, creating 15 offices as well as additional meeting spaces. Ms. Parsons’ work in this project has increased the efficiency of the company and continues to directly support their area projects.

Looking forward, Ms. Parsons hopes to grow the company for increased nationwide and international success. She furthers her professional awareness through memberships with the National Association of Professional Women and Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc., an organization that advocates for women and minorities in business. Ms. Parsons hopes in the future to be remembered as a positive role model and a loving mother.



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