Claudette Dunford

2c2d500Title: Tax Preparer, Owner

Company: A Taxing Event

Location: Newark, Del.

Dedicated to honesty and reasonable prices, Claudette Dunford celebrates three years as owner of A Taxing Event, a tax advisory services provider located in Delaware. Through her company, Ms. Dunford offers tax advice, preparation, accountancy and bookkeeping services to individuals as well as businesses in the area. She attributes her success to her passion and enthusiasm for tax and accountancy work and was inspired to pursue this profession by her love of numbers.

Early in her career, Ms. Dunford was taught by Raymond Swavely through a family owned and operated business.  While working for companies such as MultiState Tax Inc., she passed several classes through the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. Gaining considerable experience in the field, Ms. Dunford learned that tax work takes a specialized skill set within the accounting world and found her forte in that area, ultimately deciding to start her own tax and accounting business. She is currently pursuing an associate’s degree in business administration and management at Delaware Technical Community College. Moving forward, Ms. Dunford intends to gain more tax clients and move her business to Tennessee.

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