Robin Zvonek

indexTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Paragraphs LLC

Location: Chicago, Ill.

Celebrating 30 years as chief executive officer of Paragraphs LLC, Robin Zvonek continues to grow as both an entrepreneur and small business team leader. Through Paragraphs LLC, she provides marketing and advertising consulting services throughout the state of Illinois. Specifically, Ms. Zvonek providers her clients with seasoned expertise in customer services, business strategy, marketing, branding, advertising, team leadership, and organizational management.

Ms. Zvonek greatest career achievements have included helping several companies turn around and being profitable, as well as being in business for 30 years, and earning more than 1,500 awards within that time. She attributes her success to knowing her clients’ businesses before walking through the door, including their challenges; her ability to create jobs and develop long-term relationships with her clients. Ms. Zvonek is separate from her peers through knowing her clients’ businesses and doing research.

Initially, Ms. Zvonek became involved in her profession after having worked at an advertising agency when she graduated from Northern Illinois University. Having only worked in advertising for a short period of time, she opened her own company and has been in business for 30 years. Ms. Zvonek draws upon her education from Northern Illinois University daily, and also holds membership with JDRS.

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