Janet Kado

c77e3b2d8e5d459583faec9d44207560Title: Social Worker

Company: Satanta District Hospital

Location: Satanta, Kan.

For the past 11 years, Janet Kado has worked as a social worker for Satanta District Hospital, devotedly providing high-quality client care and innovative service. Citing endurance, spiritual vigor, compassion and her ability to listen to people as her greatest strengths, Ms. Kado developed and currently runs a behavioral health out-patient program for the hospital. Passionate about helping the elderly and finding better resources for them, she also serves as the director of Legacy Suites, a local senior living facility.

After growing up in an abusive home, Ms. Kado married and pursued a career as a probation officer supervising adults and adolescents. She was inspired to further aspirations by her grandmother, who provided balance to her tumultuous upbringing. Looking toward career advancement, Ms. Kado earned a master’s degree in social work from Newman University in 2005, following a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary of the Plains College in 1989. Professionally, she hopes to be remembered as always putting her clients first, regardless of any contrary obstacles. In her free time, Ms. Kado enjoys hiking, traveling and being outdoors by the ocean.

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