Michelle M. Oldroyd, Esq.

b50f67e2f44e43eaaed2d8545752ff9aTitle: 1) Director of the Utah Commission on Civic and Character Education, 2) Associate Professor

Company: 1) Office of the Lieutenant Governor, 2) University of Utah

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

As associate professor at S.J. Quinnet College of Law at the University of Utah, Michelle Oldroyd feels that the highlight of her career has been the opportunity to work with a younger generation. Also director of the Utah commission on civic and character education for the office of the lieutenant governor, she is responsible for combining governmental resources and private partnerships to provide classrooms with the highest caliber civics curriculum, inspiring students to legal aspirations. Ms. Oldroyd attributes her successful career to professional mentoring, the relationships she has built over the course of her career and her sincere willingness to be involved with projects at ground level. 
Ms. Oldroyd decided to pursue law at an early age, having always wanted to be an attorney. She earned a Juris Doctor from S.J. Quinney College of Law in 2000, following a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication. A background of 10 years as alternative resolution dispute administrator and staff attorney for the United States District Court, District of Utah prepared her to undertake work as commission director and developed her skills in furthering civic public discourse. Passionate about academic progress, Ms. Oldroyd cites legal education as her primary area of expertise.

Highly involved in the legal community, Ms. Oldroyd is a member of the Utah State Bar Association and the National Bar Association, as well as a board member of the Utah Council of Conflict Resolution. In 2007, she was given the Scott M. Matheson Award by the Utah State Bar, celebrating her valuable contributions to the field of legal education. She was recognized for her field expertise in the January 2011 edition of Elite American Lawyers, the only Utah attorney given this honor. She has also been involved with numerous publications and speaking engagements, including “A Hybrid Process: A Judge and a Mediator Collaborate,” at the American Bar Association Conference on 2010 and “Panel Discussion on Ethics and Discipline,” at the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution Annual Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium in 2009. Ms. Oldroyd exhibits her support of education in both her professional pursuits and her independent support of nonprofit educational organizations.


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