Leah Howard

27f2ac8-140x150Title: Executive Vice President

Company: John Manlove Marketing & Communications

Location: Houston, Texas

As a third generation family member in the marketing industry, Leah Howard draws from the teachings of her family while planning and strategizing for clients today. Currently as vice president and brand development director if John Manlove Marketing & Communications, she develops the client’s brand, marketing strategy, and assures that each campaign is on track and effectively reaching goals. During her time at John Manlove Marketing & Communications, she has also helped launch many internal ventures, including a magazine and an international flower delivery company. 

Throughout 10 years within the profession, Ms. Howard has developed expertise in business administration, consulting, marketing, branding, advertising, and product management. She attributes her success to is my passion for vision within a creative industry and a female leader. Initially, she became involved in her profession when she started her career in her early twenties; she is third generation Manlove and being taken seriously as a woman. Ms. Howard is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing.

In five years, Ms. Howard intends on running the agency as a chief executive officer and maintain a strong female presence, like her mom.  In addition, she would like to establish a women’s ministry, which includes ‘piggy backing’ with other professionals who do this already and learn from them.

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