Susan M. Moitozo

Camera: DCS660C Serial #: K660C-00668 Width: 2008 Height: 3040 Date: 1/18/01 Time: 15:40:52 DCS6XX Image FW Ver: 3.0.14 TIFF Image Look: Product Sharpening Requested: Yes Tagged Counter: [35480] Shutter: 1/125 Aperture: f-- ISO Speed: 80 Max Aperture: f-- Min Aperture: f-- Focal Length: ?? Exposure Mode: Manual (M) Meter Mode: Center Weighted Drive Mode: Single Focus Mode: Manual (AF-M) Focus Point: Center Flash Mode: Normal Sync Compensation: +0.0 Flash Compensation: +0.0 Self Timer Time: 10s White balance: Preset (Flash) Time: 15:40:52.339Title: Vice President for Clinical Operations

Company: Spectrum Health Systems Inc.

Location: Worcester, Mass.

Drawing upon 33 cumulative years of work experience, Susan Moitozo, Vice President for Clinical Operations for Spectrum Health Systems Inc., persistently focuses on ensuring the highest quality of clinical care throughout the behavioral health care system. She has held this and other key positions at Spectrum, a provider of behavioral health care treatment services, for more than 22 years. As vice president, Ms. Moitozo ensures the consistency of services to company design, ensures client care policies are operationalized correctly, monitors fidelity of clinical programming and ensures that treatment services result in positive outcomes.

Ms. Moitozo earned a Master of Education from Boston University in 1985 and started her career by teaching in special education. She soon developed an interest in health and lifestyle education and proceeded to work as a counselor in a physical rehab center and a psychiatric center, honing her skills in interdisciplinary teamwork in a health care environment. She is a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor, and is currently working toward a doctorate in organizational leadership from Northeastern University. Ms. Moitozo’s professional goals include increasing prevention efforts in the community and school systems, partnering with government and universities to advance best practices and providing strong leadership for Spectrum’s important work in helping people struggling with addiction and/or mental illness receive quality treatment, and attain and sustain their recovery. Inspired by her family and her spirituality, her personal goal is to be a good role model for her children and for other women and men in the workforce.

Collaboration and multi-tasking are in Ms. Moitozo’s nature, and she advises the younger generation of women to be simultaneously assertive and supportive of others in their career-related endeavors. As a member of the International Association of Trauma Professionals she is passionate about engagement with the health care community. When Ms. Moitozo isn’t working, she enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family.

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