Janice McNeal

Janice-McNeal-140x150Title: Owner, Green Real Estate Broker

Company: NW Green Living Solutions

Location: Tacoma, Wash.

Drawing upon extensive native knowledge of the Seattle-Tacoma area, Janice McNeal is passionate about helping both buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives. Ms. McNeal considers herself a problem-solver and chose this career path because of her recent passion for the industries of real estate and sustainability. As broker and owner of NW Green Living Solutions, she is committed to selling homes in a timely and client-focused fashion. She is also dedicated to helping buyers through providing them with informational tools, guiding them through the home showing process and negotiating the best possible deal for her clients.

Citing tenacity as her greatest strength, Ms. McNeal determinedly prepared for this career by working with assorted companies and developing a heightened understanding of green technological advancements within the real estate industry. She wishes to educate her community on the resilience of sustainability and its impact on everyday life, and it is her personal and professional goal to get eco-friendly products and technology international. Devoted to the real estate industry, Ms. McNeal also plans to continue growing within her career.

Assisting Ms. McNeal throughout her livelihood is her propensity for communication, which she feels to be a feminine characteristic that has strengthened her in a male-dominated industry. As president of Tacoma Dome District Development Group, a member of the Amtrak Station Citizen Advisory Committee, a certified residential specialist and a member of The Institute of Luxury Home Marketing, she remains informed of advancements and changes within the real estate arena. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, golf, dancing, gardening and traveling.

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