Clara Reed

logoTitle: 1) President, 2) Pastor

Company: 1) Mid-Delta Home Health & Hospice, 2) Upper Room Fellowship Ministries

Location: Jackson, Miss.

President of Mid-Delta Health and Hospice Clara Reed has devoted her life and career to taking care of others. With this aspiration in mind from a young age, she initially prepared herself for elementary education, but ended up pursuing a livelihood in nursing and ministry. Also a pastor for Upper Room Fellowship Ministries, Pastor Reed hopes to continue to help society by overseeing health care services, getting mothers off welfare through employment with her and bringing people to faith in Christ.

In 1970, Pastor Reed received a bachelor’s degree in gerontology, following her completion of licensed practical nursing and registered nursing programs. She went on to work at Humphreys County Memorial Hospital for six years, where she was the first black RN to become director of nurses. Pastor Reed founded Mid-Delta Health and Hospice in 1978, where she has spent more than 37 years overseeing and coordinating a nursing staff of 200. She owns three additional related businesses in the health field: a medical equipment supplier, a supplier of one-on-one home care and aids, and an adult day care service.

Passionate about helping those in need, both medically and spiritually, Pastor Reed has had her own church for 10 years. Upper Room Fellowship Ministries, located in Belzoni, Miss., serves approximately 250 active parishioners. Through Upper Room, she strives to help people help themselves with the cultivation of a solid faith in God. She hopes to spend more time on her church endeavors than her medical ones as she moves forward, looking to her daughter to take over business responsibilities.

Pastor Reed feels that the more she helps people, the more God helps her, and she is proud of how she has positively impacted others on her professional journey. She also reaches out to those in need through her support of the Diabetes Association, March of Dimes, St. Jude Children’s Research Association and In Touch Ministries. When she isn’t working, Pastor Reed enjoys fishing and reading.

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