Cheryl Noti

Cheryl NotiTitle: Owner

Company: Truvessa LLC

Location: Marlton, N.J.

Through hard work and compassion, Cheryl Noti has earned considerable respect within the field of technological marketing. As previous executive officer for CJ Technology Innovators, Ms. Noti provided the company with marketing experience, industry know-how and a persistent work ethic. She feels that this position had been acquired through a natural progression of events, and given her innovative instincts and enthusiasm for scientific advancement, she was a sure-fire hire. “My greatest accomplishment to date is staying the course in the technology sector,” Ms. Noti says, explaining that her hard work and creativity drove her to success in a typically male-dominated field.  Her professional growth is also influenced by a 27 year background in product development and solutions architecture. Now she is the proud owner of Truvessa LLC.

Ms. Noti approaches the technology solutions arena with a visionary mindset, and her adaptability significantly contributes to the esteem she has acquired among her peers. Her creativity and love of learning were inspired by her parents, who immigrated to the U.S. and encouraged her to expand her horizons through educational advancement. Ms. Noti prepared for success by earning a Master of Business Administration in marketing and finance from Temple University at Fox School of Business and Management, following a bachelor’s degree in English, public relations and journalism, as well as copious certifications. She is determined through her independence and success to honor the family that has always supported her goals.

Compassion is important to Ms. Noti and she hopes to be remembered for giving back to society and helping people with their industry-related concerns. She also exhibits consideration for the betterment of society through her volunteer work with The Humane Society, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and various other charities specializing in animal welfare and homeless outreach. She has been recognized for her specialized marketing abilities with the Queen of Solutions Award. Ms. Noti’s professional pursuits extend to skilled artisan work; she is a metal smith and enjoys creating and selling jewelry. During her free-time, she reads travels, kayaks, and rides motorcycles.

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