Maureen Donhauser

97957fbe6c5444d38a0a87654a86ac42Title: Managing Broker

Company: Windermere RE/South Sound, Inc

Location: Federal Way, Wash.

Now handling 80-percent of recruitment and 20-percent of operations, Maureen Donhauser continues in her 25th year as managing broker for Windermere RE/South Sound, Inc. As a real estate agency, Windermere RE/South Sound, Inc. relies on Ms. Donhauser’s seasoned expertise in residential and commercial real estate to provide client relationship development, drawing upon her persistence, communicative abilities, patience, honesty and knowledge to remain successful. Initially, Ms. Donhauser became involved in her profession after taking time off to raise her family. Though she began her career in computer systems, her interest in real estate pushed her to become a broker.

Throughout her work-week, Ms. Donhauser calls on an agent-base that she has worked with for more than 25 years, overseeing business development and strategic planning, while educating clients on products and services. She also attends mortgage consultations with expert representatives, and mentors, advises and trains her peers. In five years, Ms. Donhauser intends to experience professional growth by increasing her staff and expanding the business.

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