Anna Cohen

d88f534c2a2f428bb438749b75400ca3Title: Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Company: Kids & Co Clinical Psychology

Location: Balmain, NSW

Dr. Anna Cohen is the co-founder of Kids & Co Clinical Psychology and Heads & Tails equine-assisted clinical psychology. She has several publications and is highly regarded in the field of psychology. She attributes her success to her passion for her work. Initially, she became involved in this profession because she knew from a young age that she wanted to go into this field. Dr. Cohen is separated by her passion for what she does, as well as her commitment to helping children and their families.

Dr. Cohen has authored two books: ‘Parenting made Easy, the Early Years, Bag of Tricks Approach,’ published by Australian Academic Press, and ‘Parenting made Easy, 6-12,’ published by Xlibris. She will soon release a third book, ‘Parenting Adolescents 2016,’ which will be published by Australian Academic Press. In the future, Dr. Cohen hopes for continued growth.

Heads & Tails equine-assisted clinical psychology is a solution-orientated approach, believing that the client knows what answers are best for them (EAGALA, 2009). It is a team approach, where the clinical psychologist and the equine specialist work together with the client in all sessions. The organization’s clients work with miniature horses, which are less intimidating for work with children and adolescents.

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