Elizabeth Hood

065508f500c14edb9ae120537c44a0a9Title: 1) Infinite Enzymes 2) Arkansas State University

Company: 1) Chief Executive Officer 2) Distinguished Professor of Agriculture

Location: Jonesboro, AR

Dr. Elizabeth Hood has 35 years of experience in biology. She formed one of the world’s foremost transgenic plant research groups at ProdiGene, a plant biotechnology startup company, and served as the director of the cell biology group for plant production of therapeutic proteins at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a Fortune 500 Company. She is internationally recognized for her research program and associated expertise, as is evidenced by the more than 75 publications and patents that her name is attached to, as well as the numerous invitations she has received to speak nationally and internationally. Dr. Hood currently runs Infinite Enzymes alongside her husband and son.

Ms. Hood attributes her success to her dedication and determination. She also cites her record of making decisions based on relevant data. Initially, she became involved in her profession because she was always interested in renewable resources and has always wanted to make an impact in efforts to move humanity away from its dependence on oil, gas and other nonrenewable resources. She is separated from her peers by her incredible intelligence, organization, drive and ability to get things done. Dr. Hood is also very outspoken.

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