Martha Witte

JRuQ1hIzTitle: Director

Company: MC Home Loans

Location: Westport, Conn.

Martha Witte has been in the mortgage lending line of work for 14 years, and has spent her 30-year career in the financial industry. She takes pride in providing a high level of thoughtful client service, and enjoys strong client and referral bases. She is also a breast cancer survivor and may get involved with related organizations in the future. Ms. Witte attributes her success to her personality and enjoyment for working with others; many businesses are virtual, but she still meets others’ needs and makes a good connection with them.

Initially, Ms. Witte became involved in her profession not planning to go into it initially, but she was in need of a job in a time of transition; it turned out to be a good fit for her and was related to work she had done before. She really enjoys this job more than other jobs she has had, as each individual situation is unique. She figures out each individual’s need. In five years, Ms. Witte plans to become more of a leader in her market, which includes Connecticut and New York. She wants to be a recognized player in her community and in the mortgage industry.

Throughout her work-wee, Ms. Witte provides networking and speaking to realtors, attorneys and financial planners on referrals, and working together to help clients, while engaging in sales and client services. She received a Bachelor of Science in industrial management and French from Carnegie Mellon University. During her free-time, Ms. Witte supports the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk.

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