Shelagh Byatt

indexTitle: Owner

Company: Indigo Builders of Lake Placid, Inc, Tomoka Heights Realty Inc.

Location: Lake Placid, Fla.

A career in realty revealed itself to Shelagh Byatt because she was not happy how the contractors were treaty the residents and knew she had the passion and desire to make it better, so this was a very natural progression for her as she enjoys challenges. She currently is owner of Indigo Builders of Lake Placid, Inc and Tomoka Heights Realty Inc. Ms. Byatt prepared for this career by obtaining a business degree in Toronto, a contractor’s license, her community manager’s license, and became a real estate broker.

The biggest challenge of Ms. Byatt’s career was earning the respect from the contractor’s as she had to step in gently. Her greatest strength in communication and is inspired by her faith. Her greatest accomplishment to date is her ability to manage a community for more than 30 years, working with 370 homeowners, and becoming part of their family. Ms. Byatt’s professional goals are to face the challenges of today and enjoy tomorrow.

Ms. Byatt is a former member of the National Association of Homebuilders and Community Managers Association, and is the past board member within the local Chamber of Commerce. She supports and volunteers at her church, the American Cancer Society, and American Red Cross. During, her free-time, Ms. Byatt enjoys golf, travel, and kayaking.

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