Kathleen Conforti-Caldwell

indexTitle: Executive Territory Manager

Company: Molnlycke Healthcare

Location: Finleyville, Penn.

Garnering a 32 year professional background in health care and hospital administration, Kathleen Conforti-Caldwell continues as executive territory manager of Molnlycke Healthcare. After spending years of her career in the area of hospital administration, she decided to make a change by taking a career in a surgical sales position including, purchase of contracts. At Molnlycke Healthcare, Ms. Conforti-Caldwell’s professional goals include continuing to work in the health care field, but either advance or move-on to a different facet of the company, as she works best when she is met with challenges.

Ms. Conforti-Caldwell chose this career path to make a change into another area of service after serving in the hospital administration side of things, handling charges and reimbursements. She prepared for this career through her college education in health care administration at the University of Georgia, also the knowledge, experience and having used some of the products she sells. Ms. Conforti-Caldwell’s greatest accomplishment in her career was becoming director of medical affairs, hiring and firing physicians, which involves taking licenses away and to make sure physicians are giving the highest quality care.

The biggest challenges Ms. Conforti-Caldwell has had to overcome was been working on commission, which she had never done before now, as well as working with the contracts. Her greatest strength has been in her clinical background, which she is recognized more of a consultant versus a sales person. One aspect of her current working condition she would like to change is the large sales territory, covering PA and WV, which adds up to 70K miles or more a year. During her free-time, Ms. Conforti-Caldwell enjoys spending time with her grandson.

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