Neena Mehta

747f811d991146fe89218930cd6d224aTitle: Chief Nursing Officer

Company: St. Luke’s Behavioral Health for Iasis Healthcare

Location: Phoenix, Az.

Garnering 36 years in hospital administration, Neena Mehta continues in her seventh year as chief nursing officer at St. Luke’s Behavioral Health for Iasis Healthcare.  As a nonprofit hospital system, Iasis Healthcare relies on Ms. Mehta’s expertise in crisis resolution and patient safety to help St. Luke’s Behavioral Health run functional operations of business.  Ms. Mehta believes it’s her hard work, passion, love of work, pursuing her dreams, determination, and the support of her family and colleagues to all her accolades and years of success.

At St. Luke’s Behavioral Health, Ms. Mehta manages the operations of a 96-bed hospital, while overseeing safety, ensuring staff and patient needs are met, and oversees and coordinates an organization’s nursing department and its daily operations.  She became involved in her profession because she loves helping others, so she earned a Master of Science in Nursing at Bradley University, and pursued a career in it. In five years, Ms. Mehta hopes to become a chief executive officer.

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