Elizabeth Bartlett

1dec6f0Title: President

Company: Comfort Keepers

Location: Basking Ridge, N.J.

Celebrating her fifth year as president of Comfort Keepers, Elizabeth Bartlett continues to provide Basking Ridge, N.J. with expertise in personal health, wellness, and fitness. Through countless hours of hard work, she focuses the company on being successful and providing quality service. Ms. Bartlett draws upon her deep leadership and management abilities, which has earned her the Comfort Keepers of the Year Award and Best of Home Care Providers of Choice Award.

Watching her financial position carefully has always been part of Ms. Bartlett’s success in combining her current work with her background in corporate management. Previously, she was a project manager in information technology, so she is using these skills to move her forward. Ms. Bartlett has found that being a risk taker has challenged her in many ways to think outside the box.

Ms. Bartlett’s previous experience ranges more than 27 years working in corporate information systems technology, starting from software development to managing entire systems. She wanted to do something where she would be giving back and she decided to open Comfort Keepers full-time. Ms. Bartlett prepared for this professional pathway by obtaining certification as a senior advisor, and keeps abreast of changes in her profession through her memberships with CSA and HHSA.

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