Diane E. Casey, DDS

iheader_361970Title: Doctor of Dental Surgery

Location: Sunnyvale, Calif.

Diane E. Casey, DDS is a dedicated health care private practice provider who has great passion for the dental field, giving back to the community, and volunteering her time to the underprivileged providing them with the dental care that they need is a truly rewarding aspect of her work. She owns a family practice located in Sunnyvale California Dr. Casey provides a wide variety of services from exams to orthodontist and periodontists she is dedicated to meeting the needs of the clients. Dr. Casey always sought a career in health care, and dentistry enabled her to help people providing services that many need, and at the same time have her own practice and independence as well.

An excellent clinician, Dr. Casey is a wonderful teacher, and her creative edge and easy-going personality make others feel that working for her is a welcoming opportunity. The most challenging aspect of owning a private practice is the business planning and the day-to-day operational upkeep with all of the necessary document submissions. As chair of the Santa Clara County Dental Foundation, Dr. Casey has been proud to be a part of an organization that helps women and children get the dental care they need without financial obligation. She earned her DDS from Creighton University.

Dr. Casey’s desire is to have the practice continues to thrive and move forward because she is a hardworking, cheerful, compassionate, dedicated individual, and has always done all that she could to help others. Driven to provide services that keep people healthy, she is passionate about spreading the word into the global arena that oral health is not elective healthcare. During her free-time, Dr. Casey enjoys handing out with her husband and her dog; she also enjoys gardening in her vegetable garden.

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