Nicole Larson

3911133-140x150Title: Regional Business Manager

Company: Improving Twin Cities

Location: Minneapolis, Minn.

As regional business manager, Nicole Larson’s professional goal is to grow her position, in the next few years to regional business manager and to be more involved with employee benefits, helping all branches of the organization throughout the United States and Canada. She would like to see better programs within her industry that are more universal. Her greatest accomplishment is being able to raise five children and still have a successful career. As women in today’s world, Nicole feels that her motivation to be a role model for her children has contributed to her success.

Ms. Larson chose this career path because she always had an interest in numbers, she was good at math, and she enjoyed trouble shooting, learning about the underlying, “why” in each equation. She also does work with employee benefits and enjoys it greatly. Ms. Larson felt that this profession would encompass all of her interests. The biggest challenge that she has had to overcome because of her love for both, was trying to balance personal home life with a professional career.

The advice Ms. Larson can share with the younger generation of women today entering the workforce is to learn how to balance family and work; try not to let them interfere with each other. Her greatest strength is her ability to listen and her ability to follow through. She listens to the needs of people within the organization and then provides them with the solution of what they need. Ms. Larson wants most to be remembered as a kind and caring mother, as a good friend to her peers, as someone that could be relied on.

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