Susan Overbo

Susan-Overbo-140x150Title: President

Company: Red River Express, INC.

Location: Harwood, N.D.

President of Red River Express, INC., Susan Overbo, chose this career path because of her husband’s experiences with a prior trucking business.  The business had dissolved and her husband and his family wanted to keep it going, so she got involved and now runs it. Ms. Overbo’s greatest accomplishment has been being a person who barely was able to use e-mail to someone who is now running an entire trucking company, all within a year’s time.

Ms. Overbo would eventually like to get the company positioned for solid growth by hiring more drivers and purchasing more trucks.  Her goal is to grow in a way that is beneficial to all, and wants to be able to provide an opportunity for drivers to be gainfully employed without being absent from their families for long periods of time. If Ms. Overbo was able to change one aspect of the trucking industry it would be to have better regulations and guidelines to increase driver safety.

The biggest professional inspiration Ms. Overbo has simply been: to place her family in a better position for the future. She would like to be remembered as a person who brought honesty and integrity to the business, as well as recognition of her strengths within her personality and determination. Her biggest challenge has been the ability to obtain the business loans. During her free-time, Ms. Overbo enjoys gardening and crafts.

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