Candace Waters


Title: Commercial Manager

Company: ENMAX Corporation

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Candace Waters, SCMP, CRM is the Commercial Manager of the ENMAX Corporation, specializing in Administration and Design Processesan.   A sophisticated and refined background in administration and an acute understanding of design processes allows Ms. Waters to proficiently execute and negotiate all major contracts.  She is also in charge of reviewing terms and conditions, and of preparing negotiation strategies.

Ms. Waters became recognized in the account management field over the years for her strengths in these areas, as well as for her demonstration of a growing commitment to learn and advance.  Ms. Waters has spent more than 20 years in the industry, and she makes every effort to learn and grow in her capacity in order to make valuable contributions to her trade.

ENMAX Corporation (ENMAX) is a energy utility company, specializing in electricity, natural gas and renewable energy. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. ENMAX, through its subsidiaries and predecessors, have a history of delivering electricity to Calgarians for over 100 years and, with deregulation, now provides retail services to Albertans throughout the province.

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