Kimberly Fraser

19e2740-140x150Title: Licensed Real Estate Broker

Company: John L Scott Real Estate

Location: Lake Tapps, Wash.

Kim Frazer is a dedicated hardworking passionate woman. With six children and she works hard at time management and balance so that her family and her clients get the individual attention and consideration that is so important to her. The most challenging aspect of the profession has been and continues to be that lack of time to accomplish everything for everyone she wants to help. Ms. Fraser has a desire to help, which has always driven her, connecting people to a home they are happy in gives her great satisfaction and she works tirelessly to get them to where they want to be.

The current company Ms. Frazer works for, John L Scott Real Estate, was founded in 1931 in Seattle and has 110 offices and more than 2,700 sales associates in the states of WA, OR, and ID. Her relationship building skills are outstanding and her ability to connect with people and meet their needs drives her. If it were possible to change one aspect of the Real Estate industry it would be to have less “highs and lows” giving greater consistency the revenue stream. Ms. Frazer’s time outside of her career is spent working for the Little League in her community and spending time with family.

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