Earnestine Fitzgerald

2e150ed26fa34fec8cdbeb6d95f3d48eTitle: Lieutenant (Retired)

Company: Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department

Location: Fort Washington, Md.

Wielding 27 years in fire and emergency medical services, Earnestine Fitzgerald retired as captain from the Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department. There, she provides her expertise in training, education and paramedic development, she supervises the north side and a staff of six. Ms. Fitzgerald also oversees fire stations, seven basic life support units and three advanced life support units, and conducts site inspections.

Attributing her success to her upbringing, Ms. Fitzgerald became involved in her profession after taking paramedical courses in medical school to be a road doctor. She started her educational pursuits at Queens College, earning a Bachelor of Science in biology. In five years, Ms. Fitzgerald hopes to attain the rank of chief and instruct more critical-care classes.

Ms. Fitzgerald is a certified pharmacy technician, CPR instructor, first aid instructor, emergency medical response instructor, and peer mediation lead. As well, she is a teacher through the National Safety Council. During her free-time, Ms. Fitzgerald supports the cookie fundraiser through Girl Scouts of the USA and the American Heart Association.

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