Charmaine Byrd

11742824_10152917683316957_4238435734987314585_nTitle: Nursing Professor

Location: Sebring, Fla.

Charmaine Byrd’s integrity to encourage the exchange of information in an environment where honesty, fairness, personal responsibility, and ethical leadership is important to ameliorate a student-centered environment. She is committed to providing opportunities for students and staff members to succeed in a highly competitive environment so that they can become effective lifelong learners. Ms. Byrd seeks to provide high-quality, innovative, flexible teaching and learning opportunities in a learning-centered environment to prepare competent practitioners. 

Since 2011, Ms. Byrd has been providing nursing education, because of her passion for health care, having prepared for her career by earning a Master of Science in nursing education. Her greatest strengths are her punctuality and mentoring. Ms. Byrd’s professional goal is to complete her doctoral degree and focus her career on the policies and procedures within the nursing profession.

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