Lucille Van Alstine

van-alstine-lucilleTitle: Adjunct Professor

Company: Webster University

Location: Garrettsville, Ohio

Lucille Van Alstine’s background focuses on the ability to interact with people. She had the opportunity to be raised in a male environment.  Her mother, who was bright and articulate, was very ill during Ms. Van Alstine’s childhood. Her father, grandfather, and brother guided her in life choices.  This nurturing environment allowed her a deep understanding of men in general. This upbringing combined with her love of education opened a world of service to others. In academia, she found it a normal interaction to serve on committees and boards, sharing ideas with all who attended, having compassion for all people. Whilst earning her master’s work, Ms. Van Alstine received a very interesting fellowship, which she treasures to this day.  She studied at the Globe Theatre in London, England, and her debut was of the character King Alanzo.  For her, portraying such a character outside of her existence was not difficult, but an enjoyable experience. The experience showed Ms. Van Alstine how to empathize with others’ struggles, even when they appear to be the antagonist.

Ms. Van Alstine work is currently twofold.  In Hudson, Ohio, she heads Women’s Ministry at Hudson Presbyterian Church.  This position focuses on sharing hope in Christ and providing ministry opportunities of service.  A special project within this capacity is the Rahab Ministry.  Here church members reach out to victims of trafficking in Northeastern, Ohio. Her second employment is with Webster University, where she was an adjunct professor of educational leadership. This position is Internet-based and allows Ms. Van Alstine the opportunity to work online, publish, and speak about biographical research and its implications in current education pedagogy.

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