Carol Leon-Watford

04d4f685aa8c432cbb273c2e3f19ece8Title: Actress, Model

Location: Lake Worth, Fla.

Initially, Carol Leon-Watford became involved in her profession because she was always interested in the arts. She did high school plays and Community Theater, and also played the violin. Now, for the past two years, she has been working hard at pursuing a career in acting and modeling. In five years, Ms. Leon-Watford plans to obtain more exposure in the film industry.

Ms. Leon-Watford is retired from teaching and educational staff development. She previously worked as a real estate associate broker for three companies, and is now getting back into acting. Ms. Leon-Watford has appeared in two documentaries and a feature film. She also modeled for Jake’s Models in a showcase runway show in New York City. Furthermore, she had a radio show for women traveling solo called ‘Pathways.’

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