Tammy Amirault

a6f85978164c4f319f358f4e1534f292Title: Vice President of Management and Enterprise-Resource-Planning Consulting

Company: Prosum Technology Services

Location: El Segundo, Calif.

Initially, Tammy Amirault became involved in her profession because she loves implementing SAP and helping companies reach their company goals. Her methodology is very successful and she wants to help more than one customer at a time by sharing that methodology. Any company can implement SAP successfully despite the industry averages. In five years, Ms. Amirault wants to take her successful ways and share it with companies, so they don’t feel they need to spend millions on consulting fees. She looks for continued growth in her career.

Ms. Amirault attributes her success to her belief in building a strong team and belief in being upfront with C-level executives. Garnering 26 years of expertise in leading global systems, applications and process implementations, she continues in her fourth year as vice president of management and enterprise-resource-planning for Prosum Technology Services. There, Ms. Amirault offers ERP and system simplification assessments, ERP deployments stabilization & post go live support strategy, as well as supporting ERP implementation governance and provide coaching for management.

Ms. Amirault and her husband volunteer in Hollywood and Venice by giving away protein and hygiene products to the homeless. She was elected into the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Food Bank is part of the Hollywood IT Society and is a Phi Mu Alumni. During her free-time, Ms. Amirault supports Santa’s Helpers and A Window Between Worlds.

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