Geneviève Carle

Genevieve-Carle1-140x150Title: President

Company: CGC Services

Location: Sainte-Julie, Quebec

With more than 25 years of experience in strategic, organizational and operational consulting with top multi-sites and multidisciplinary teams and leaders across the country, Geneviève Carle has both the training and the applied knowledge you are seeking for, whether in project management, process improvement or in the field of change management. She is recognized for finding original solutions to complex problems, including automation, documentation, standardization and process simplification. Ms. Carle’s energy, passion for new challenges and high competence in simplifying processes are highly appreciated.  But the real difference is her people approach:  the easy touch she takes in approaching employees and leaders alike and the way in which she sets up quickly and effectively for required changes, make her a highly valued ally for any company.

Ms. Carle’s companies specialize in management and strategic consulting.  She works with and coach the owners and leaders on their business, operational and financial plans.  She leads project teams to work on process improvements and projects, ensuring businesses continue to improve and deliver the best to their customers. Ms. Carle’s advice to young entrepreneurs is, “It takes a lot of determination and focus to achieve your goals.  That’s why you need a plan and a team to support you through this.  At CGC, we understand what it takes and often times a coach is part of that, to keep you on track and on focus.”

Her greatest accomplishment is her two boys and her family.  She has to manage the Work/Life in balance because she wants it all and be successful in business without giving up her family time.  In today’s world, a strong partnership and good communication in a couple is so important in making things work.  “I was lucky to have Yvan as a spouse”, she says: “we were always able to talk things through and find ways to balance things out between the two of us, making things work out so that life would be smooth at home for our two beautiful sons no matter what.”

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