Christine Simonelli

090869d-140x150Title: Medical Director of Osteoporosis Care

Company: HealthEast

Location: North Oaks, Minn.

Dr. Christine Simonelli is the medical director of Osteoporosis Care at HealthEast Care System.  She began her career as a nurse, then became a physician’s assistant, went back to school, and became a physician, so her knowledge of the medical field is extensive, from all different levels of the profession. Dr. Simonelli initially chose her career path because she is passionate about helping others.

The biggest challenge Dr. Simonelli has to overcome is dealing with health insurance companies and their rules and regulations. Her greatest strength is evaluating her patients and being thorough with the work ups. Dr. Simonelli’s greatest accomplishment to date is a post fracture study that she completed. Her professional goals are to keep doing what she is doing and get the word out to other doctors.

Dr. Simonelli’s Aunt was a doctor and inspired her to follow that career path. She most wants to be remembered for providing good care to her patients. Since graduating from school, she keeps abreast of her profession through her participation in ISCD, ASBMR, and Own the Bone. Dr. Simonelli has also done public speaking worldwide on osteoporosis care.

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