Arita Nicholas

imported_member_thumbnail_50422-140x150Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Nicholas Earth Printing

Location: Houston, Texas

After 22 years in the travel and service industry, Arita Nicolas took a leap of faith and founded her own commercial printing company in Houston, Texas, making Nicholas Earth Printing one of the largest woman and minority owned printers in the business. As a part of their commitment to provide impeccable service, Nicholas Earth hires only experienced craftsman – printing professionals who understand what it takes to deliver quality and customer satisfaction. Ms. Nicolas’ overall goals are to expand her and become associated with other ventures within the printing realm, and establishing partnerships. 

Nicholas Earth Printing provides a complete range of commercial printing services to meet all your key communication needs. With an advanced network of WEB and sheet-fed presses, large-format inkjet printing/curing systems and a host of full bindery/fulfillment facilities, clients can trust Nicholas Earth Printing to offer the perfect solution to any project, no matter what size. The one aspect of Ms. Nicolas’ working condition she would like to change is getting rid of the “middle man” and getting in contacting, directly, with right person.

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