Ewa Kleczyk

imported_member_thumbnail_49688-140x150Title: Executive Director of Consulting Analytics

Company: Symphony Health Solutions

Location: North Wales, Penn.

Having received a Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Tech in 2008, Dr. Ewa Kleczyk today finds herself working with Symphony Health Solutions as an executive director in consulting analytics. The extent of her public speaking thrives from of healthcare and economics at several conferences, including Healthcare Businesswomen Association, Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group, Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Research Group, Marketing Research Association and Harvard University’s Global Conference on Business and Economics. Dr. Kleczyk has a passion for Mathematics and Economics and teaches, mentors, and encourages women to pursue careers in such areas.

As she is involved with a plethora of women’s organizations, Dr. Kleczyk feels the National Women’s Association is the most note-worthy. The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association recognized her in 2012 with the “Rising Star” Award and the Top 5 Business Women’s Award from the New Directions Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association in 2008. Getting to the executive level has been Dr. Kleczyk greatest challenge, but successfully obtained this status through her strengths in management, work efficiency, perseverance, mentorship abilities, and well-developed organization skills.

Dr. Kleczyk would like to be remembered as a kind person, family-oriented, hard working, and an inspiration to others in pursuit of their dreams. During her free-time, she supports the Celiac Awareness Organization, the Diabetes Association, and the Breast Cancer Association. For rest, Dr. Kleczyk enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and traveling.

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