Cheryl Hall

cherryl-140x150Title: Physical Therapist

Company: New York Institute of Technology Program in Physical Therapy

Location: Oyster Bay, New York

For the past seven years, Dr. Cheryl Hall has served as medical doctor and physical therapist for the New York Institute of Technology Program in Physical Therapy. Since she was seven years old, she had wanted to become a physical therapist, and this is where she spent the past 26 years of her career, beginning her hospital work at the age of 14. Dr. Hall’s over-all goal is to be happy and get more into clinical education and placement.  She has done video conferencing with the students while they are in the field utilizing Skype and would like to do more presentations at national conferences. 

Dr. Hall attributes her success to her mother, who was of huge value to her and her entire family for being so supportive. Her advice: “Never feel like you can’t; there is so much out there for everyone.” Her greatest accomplishment is managing a career and raising her child who is grounded and can see the benefits of being a working mom. Having earned a Doctor of Health Science has also been a major accomplishment within her professional time-line. In the next few years, Dr. Hall would like to change the focus of physical therapy. It has moved to more of financial reimbursement and away from patient care and focus.  In the academia world she would like to take the generation of entitlement and get them into helping others.

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