Jenny Atas

atasTitle: Medical Doctor

Company: Detroit Medical Center

Location: Harrison Township, Mich.

Celebrating 21 years as a medical doctor, Dr. Jenny Atas continues at the Detroit Medical Center, providing expertise in emergency medical services, disaster care, EMS, and special event safety. Her greatest strength is always building a good team and having a passion for medicine and healing. Dr. Atas’ knowledge stems from her mentor Dr. Brooks Bock, who didn’t see gender, but talent, and he played a major role in her life.

The biggest challenge Dr. Atas has experienced is getting ahead as a female, and it’s something she’d like to see change in the medical field. Her suggestion to women entering the work force is to find their passion, find a way to do any job better, and always find balance by thinking outside the box. Dr. Atas’ professional goal for after she retires is to practice medicine in a less fortunate country and make a difference.

Dr. Atas’ children are ger greatest accomplishment. She most wants to be remembered as someone who made a difference in the world. During her free-time, Dr. Atas enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

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