Delia Schreurs

Portrait_Delia_neuTitle: Chief Executive Officer, Owner

Company: DS Schmuckkultur

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Delia Schreurs became involved in her industry because of her fascination with stones. Her passion started at age 10, when Ms. Schreurs visited a shop and saw colorful stones that caught her eye. She has always attributed her success to her integrity and creativity, as well as knowing her own territory.

For the past 22 years, Ms. Schreurs has been owner and chief executive officer of DS Schmuckkultur, a jewelry gallery that is reliant of her 31 garnered years of expertise. Throughout her worker-week, she purchases gems, designs and customizes jewelry, conducts gemological research, and builds relationships with customers. Ms. Schreurs is also an expert in gemology, traveling, customer services, gemstones and pearls.

Ms. Schreurs received degrees in jewelry manufacturing and gemology, both from Gemological Institute of America Inc. During her free-time, she is involved with the placement of cats. In the coming years, Ms. Schreurs would like to become more well-known. She also intends to travel and obtain a more direct link to Australia.

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