MaryBeth Baron

150e207-140x150Title: President

Company: Ace/Mirifex

Location: Medina, OH

President of Ace/Mirifex, MaryBeth Baron expertly provides information technology and office supplies to middle and large corporate companies around regional Ohio. An expert in business development, she provides transportation and parts and labor management for a list of clientele that she maintains to keep her office thriving. Throughout her work-wee, Ms. Baron markets her operations and management services, while conducting proposals and bids.

Ms. Baron’s greatest strength is her commitment to client satisfaction. She is service driven and believes that the strength of a business is the true nurturing of a client business partnership. Her greatest accomplishment is having been able to become an entrepreneur of her own IT company twenty years later. The one aspect of her business that she would most like to change is she would like to see the industry of office equipment viewed as a more valuable resource. Ms. Baron would like people to understand, respect and appreciate the knowledge base, how it impacts the productivity of a company and essentially their bottom line.

Throughout her career, Ms. Baron has always ensured she knows more than what she’s needed to know, as well as being independent and hard worker. She has also been fortunate to have a great mentor, her husband, and she has had great women mentors. Ms. Baron’s advice to the younger generation of women who are entering the workforces is to give themselves time to grow, as all the hard work in the beginning of their career will feed them for a lifetime.

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