Louise Trimble Gomez

487c59fafc3448c49df0927c46b20ee1Title: Marketing Manager

Company: LegalShield

Location: Brampton, Ont.

A former registered nurse, Louise Gomez left the health care industry after 30 years to pursue a career in the corporate sector. Today, she serves as a marketing manager for LegalShield, a trusted provider of legal and identity theft protection services. She became involved in her profession after being influenced by a nurse who was respective to young people in the obstetrics and gynecology area. Her overriding goal was to utilize medical interventions or holistic assistance that would navigate people with illnesses to adjust to the disability or re-attain wellness.
Ms. Gomez was a student speaker to the National League of Nursing and cited in Nursing Outlook. She is published in the International Journal of Childbirth Education and through her book ‘Now is the Future.’ She currently mentors college associates who want to achieve personal marketing goals and offers clients peace of mind by solving more than 101 legal support needs. She has two children and three grandchildren. In five years, Ms. Gomez wants to continue to grow her business by assisting businesses to reduce absenteeism and debt collection challenges by providing business solutions for corporate and employee legal issues.

In addition to her work with LegalShield, Ms. Gomez has taught at the Sheridan Institute of Advanced Learning and Technology. She was the founding director of a nursing primary response counseling agency, which has grown into a national network of 52 similar Christian agencies.

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