Gail Nishijima

317c1f4Title: Senior Production Specialist

Company: Lexington Insurance Company, an AIG company

Location: Arcadia, Calif.

For the past 10 years, Gail Nishijima has served as the senior production specialist for Lexington Insurance Company, an AIG company. Through her position, Ms. Nishijima is responsible for the transportation unit’s overall production, retention and profitably. In addition, she handles underwriting and marketing for various areas.

Ms. Nishijima believes that she has found success throughout her professional life due to her ability to be an excellent team-player. Consistently willing to take the initiative and demonstrate her organizational skills, she finds inspiration from within herself. Additionally, she states, “I find this industry very interesting.” After earning a Bachelor of Arts in marketing research from California State University, Fullerton, she was recruited into the industry and has been working ever since.

As a woman in today’s business world, Ms. Nishijima believes the most difficult challenge she has had to weather is often witnessing men receive better pay, raises and promotions, even when women can be just as educated—if not more so—than their male counterparts. “Women [can have] more knowledge of the positions,” says Ms. Nishijima. Despite this challenge, she has still been recognized as an excellent member of the insurance industry. She cites the support from her fellow workers as one of the greatest influences on her achievements, which include a Deal Maker of the Month recognition.

Ms. Nishijima’s advice to young women entering the workforce is: “[Focus on] teamwork; get personal with your agents and create long-term working relationships with your clients.”

Along with her role as senior production specialist, Ms. Nishijima is an avid dog breeder and has been breeding Akitas for the past three decades. She believes that her greatest achievement thus far has been having an Akita show-dog qualify for the Westminster and Eukanuba shows. Ms. Nishijima also maintains affiliations with the Akita Club of America, the Orange Empire Dog Club and the Southern California Akita Empire Club.

In the years to come, Ms. Nishijima hopes to continue growing and helping others prepare for retirement. For more information about Lexington Insurance Company, please visit

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